Wearing the Cape (Wearing the Cape Series Book 1)

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Capes have been seen less as comics have become more mainstream, which could have something to do with their proclivity in killing their wearers see The Incredibles or Watchmen for reference on this phenomenon. Despite their objectionable standing in the 21st century fashion industry, most modern comic characters only wear them for specific purposes. As we will get into shortly, sometimes, they can be the source of a character's main powers or only one small aspect of their entire arsenal of tricks.

Before the comments explode with what truly defines a cape, we decided to look at characters who wear traditional capes, hooded cloaks, and other similar garments instead of simply focusing on one type of cape. Except for the last entry, these will follow in no particular order. We are kicking off this list not only with a cloak-wearing character but one whose name is actually Cloak!

Along with his partner Tandy, he was given superpowers by a chemist working for Maggia and became the dark half of their team. Tyrone became a being of shadow who hid within his giant cloak. Tandy's opposing powers of light could keep Cloak at ease and the two became superhero crimefighters mostly battling the anti-drug campaign of the s. Cloak is able to tap into the Darkforce Dimension where he can transport or even trap people via his humongous cloak. The Cloak itself isn't what is powerful, but rather, it has become an extension of his own powers and a conduit for his abilities and connection to the Darkforce Dimension.

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You had to know that a guy called the Caped Crusader would have to make a list about superheroes and their powerful capes. Because Bruce Wayne's superpowers are limited to his account balance, his cape is only one of his sources of power in that it is a heavily modified garment, which can be used to accomplish a number of means. First and foremost, it is dark and imposing, which helps add to the mystique of the Dark Knight , but in the comics, games, films, and television shows, it has been shown to do much more.

Depending on who is writing Batman's story, the cape has been shown to be bulletproof, fire resistant, tear resistant, and able to become a rigid fabric that allows him to glide for extended periods of time. As a part of the Batsuit, the cape has become one of Batman's primary tools in his fight against crime in Gotham City and it's impossible to imagine seeing him without it. The Spectre and his costume cape included is something of a cheat for this list.

While he does wear a cape and it can be powerful, it is a part of him. The Spectre isn't a guy who decided one day to put on a costume and become a superhero; he is an incredibly powerful entity whose mission is to unleash the literal Wrath of God upon evil men. The Spectre is bound to the soul of a dead human who then takes on the appearance and godlike powers of the character.

As an extension of the Spectre himself, the hooded cape he wears has been used in ways similar to Marvel's Cloak for Darkforce Dimensional manipulation, flight and gravity control, levitation, invulnerability, and just about anything else you can think of. Because he is essentially God's Spirit of Vengeance, his powers have little to no limit, making his cape a powerful aspect of his being. Parker Robbins was just a regular small-time crook who worked for the Kingpin when he comes upon a Nisanti demon he dispatches with his handgun.

With the demon dead, he takes his boots and hooded cloak as you do and puts them on.

Wearing the Cape: The Roleplaying Game by Marion G. Harmon — Kickstarter

As he fled the scene, he learns that the boots give him the ability to fly, which makes escape that much easier. He later learns that the cape allows him to become invisible so long as he holds his breath. Robbins takes on the name of The Hood and goes from small-time crook to criminal mastermind.

It is later learned that the demon, the cloak, and the boots were all a plan orchestrated by Dormammu to help him find a human host. The powers Robbins had been enjoying were mere gifts lent to him by Dormammu to help him become a more powerful host for him. The character hasn't been around for very long, having made his debut in The Hood 1 in If you have seen the movies, read the books, or been alive for the past 20 years, you probably know who Harry Potter is.

He is a powerful wizard who we get to see go from a little kid in the Muggle world to a magical combatant in a war that embroils all of his kind. Along the way, Harry is given a magical cloak that enables the wearer to become completely invisible and nearly undetectable by magical means. Harry's Cloak of Invisibility turns out to be one of the most powerful magical artifacts in the world, having been created as a one-of-a-kind item that never loses its enchantment.

It is one of the three Deathly Hallows, believed to have been created by Death himself. Admittedly, this one is not really a cape per se, but what is a cape? Some sort of garment attached to the shoulders and draped over the back, or some odd wings worn via a backpack on a former accountant's back? Who could say? We do. That's why good ole' Arthur makes this list because he carries the only thing that gives him any sort of superpower over evildoers everywhere.

Arthur was a clerk working for The City before he purchased a flying suit at an auction. The suit was designed to look like a moth and it had a couple of large wings on the back cape area. He follows The Tick until he decides to make his presence known by assisting him with a little ninja problem. He returns the next day to continue helping and becomes The Tick's sidekick so that he can inject some excitement into his otherwise droll life.

The moth suit he wears does allow him to fly and fall ever so gracefully, making him a necessary addition to the duo along with his wealth, intelligence, and did we mention wealth?

Wearing the Cape Series

Superman is probably the most well-known superhero of all time. He has been around since the beginning and is pretty much the source of the word superhero so it's no wonder he made this list. While he possesses some of the most amazing powers of all of DC's roster of heroes, he does sport a cape-- and it isn't just a towel he threw over his shoulders one day on the way to work; Superman's cape has some intrinsic powers all its own.

Depending on the origin story, the writer, or media you want to go with, his cape has been shown to be just as bullet and heat-resistant as the Man of Steel himself. Of course, some writers have written it to be nothing more than cloth, easily torn and replaced, but most refer to it as the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby. This would make it of Kryptonian origin and anything from Krypton under the yellow Sun of the Earth has some sort of power. The cape is most often depicted as indestructible and is iconic of the superhero throughout the DC universe.

There have been six women to take on the mantle of Batgirl. Like Batman, Batgirl doesn't possess any superpowers of her own but rather is a well-trained, unarmed combatant whose abilities trump most people. Like her namesake, she also wears a batsuit with a cape, which is used for a number of tasks similar to the Dark Knight. Barbara Gordon was a talented and skilled acrobat before she was bound to a wheelchair and she was able to use her cape as an aid to her aerial maneuvers in a way Batman could only look upon with jealousy. As with the Bat's cape, hers has been shown to be bullet and fire resistant depending on who was drawing or writing about her at the time.

What would that do to those people? How would it change how they go about their lives? How would it affect how ordinary people live theirs? And so these breakthroughs cause all kinds of changes in the world. Law enforcement and the justice system has to figure out how to deal with criminals caught by what amount to non-police citizens.

Every country suddenly bulked up with super-powered soldiers now has the equivalent of weapons of mass destruction at their disposal. Even the Church would have to figure out the theological implications and in fact, Harmon hints at some impressive knowledge of how the Church works as he writes that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith gets involved in many cases and that the pope wrote an encyclical on the breakthrough phenomenon.

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I wish I could read that! Harmon may not go into as much obsessive detail in his world-building as S. See the parallelism there?

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We follow along with her as she figures out to reconcile her new powers with her now jeopardized plans for her life. Will she keep a secret identity or be like others who live their life in the public eye, a new kind of celebrity for the media to gawk at and exploit. And anyone who becomes a vampire is subject to the restrictions they believe vampires would live under: being harmed by sunlight, aversion to garlic.

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    Wearing the Cape (Wearing the Cape Series Book 1)
    Wearing the Cape (Wearing the Cape Series Book 1)
    Wearing the Cape (Wearing the Cape Series Book 1)
    Wearing the Cape (Wearing the Cape Series Book 1)
    Wearing the Cape (Wearing the Cape Series Book 1)

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