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Not all of the actors cast on the show were teens. Nina Dobrev was 20 when she was cast as year-old high school student Elena Gilbert. Paul Wesley was 27 when he played Stefan Salvatore, a vampire who was roughly around 18 when he was changed into a vampire in Damon Salvatore, Stefan's older brother, was transformed into a vampire when he was 25 and was played by a year-old Ian Somerhalder. Steven R.

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McQueen was 21 when he was introduced as Elena's year-old brother, Jeremy Gilbert. Kat Graham was 19 when she was cast as Bonnie Bennett, Elena's friend and a junior in high school who was roughly 16 or Zach Roerig was 24 when he started playing Matt Donovan, a junior in high school and roughly 16 or Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Twenty-five years after the events of the movie, Professor McCarthy and Jeremy have a peaceful reunion in the cemetery where the former was turned.

The duo share a few bottles of blood and catch up. House discovers that Wilson is a hypocrite - all this time he's been hiding an addiction of his own - and he's not the man Greg thought he was. The friendship between the two boys rings very true, there's trust and humour and affection, feeling in no way contrived or false or even forced. Their banter and dialogue is a joy and you'll root for them the whole way through, through every miscommunication, every daydream and through their finding their way to each other in a whole new way.

A wonderful read that I highly recommend Love it love it It is so great love it all wish it wasn't the only book of life as a teenage vampire but thank you for writing it. Oct 01, Kaila rated it really liked it Shelves: , ya.

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Her prose takes me back to my high school days all over again, and wow, is it an enjoyable ride. Emery Mavus and Connor Daniels are just your average teenagers trying to muddle their way through senior year. They're juggling the pressure of putting on the perfect school play, wrapping up final projects, and in Connor's case attempting to hide his non-platonic feelin A Refreshingly Honest Coming of Age Story This might be Amanda Meuwissen's first foray into YA writing, but it's a promising debut.

They're juggling the pressure of putting on the perfect school play, wrapping up final projects, and in Connor's case attempting to hide his non-platonic feelings for his best friend. But what should have been another typical school year becomes decidedly atypical in the blink of an eye when everything they thought they knew gets thrown into question and they receive a crash course in vampirism - because Emery becomes one. Suddenly, there's not just Prom and graduation to worry about: there's an eccentric new mentor, Emery's insistent thirst for blood, and vampire hunters intent on making sure they don't make it to their cap and gown fitting.

Oh, and Emery might be starting to develop some unexpectedly non-platonic feelings of his own. As if senior year wasn't already hard enough. Despite fangs and aversions to sunlight, Life as a Teenage Vampire is a fun read that's ironically realistic. Meuwissen's strength lies in her ability to breathe life into fictional characters and capture the nature of a relationship using dialogue alone. Even the most minor characters are given quirks that make them interesting and relatable.

The depth of the friendships in this novel is apparent in the witty banter that flies back and forth between the entirety of the tight-knit group. They tease each other about crushes in the halls, plot senior pranks, play Egyptian War during down time and improv games during parties Of course, just friendship is no longer all that Emery and Connor want from each other - though both are intent on taking that secret to their graves.

Connor's been hiding his emotions for as long as anyone can remember, but oblivious Emery needs that supernatural push to realize what's been right in front of him all along. You'll be rooting for them the whole time, through every frustrating miscommunication and adorable side glance, because it's so easy to see yourself in their insecurities. Everything about their transition from friends to something more carries the recognizable hesitation and awkwardness of falling in love for the first time, and it's handled beautifully. Something that does feel surprisingly absent from the novel is the preemptive nostalgia and sense of looming future that colored my own senior year.

Emery and Connor's college plans are mentioned almost as asides - they've planned to stick together beyond high school and have it all sorted out before the novel begins. The finality of senior year is alluded to in the major events of the final spring play and senior Prom, but it doesn't quite hit home. There are no nods to where their friends are ending up, who I imagine would be dealing with the college acceptance process during the book's spring timeline. I would expect there to be a more prominent sense of impending separation or finality for such a close group.

This novel beautifully handles the firsts of young love and discovering yourself Nevertheless, it's an easy omission to forgive because the characters barely have time to worry about tomorrow much less six months from now.

Jessica Teenage Vampire

You're thrown straight into the action within the first several chapters, and the pace doesn't let up. It's an enjoyable ride the whole way through, littered with foreshadowing and plot twists that keep you guessing. Supernatural intrigue is woven into the already chaotic nature of senior year, but there's still plenty of gorgeous moments when the writing slows to appreciate the depths of the boys' emotions for one another - terrifying both of them even more than the hunters breathing down their necks.

The separate storylines converge in a fulfilling finale, where Emery, Connor, and their friends get a chance to shine on a supernatural battlefield and put a new twist on age-old high school traditions. At its core, Life as a Teenage Vampire is an enjoyable snapshot of exactly what its title promises: a coming of age story for two boys that find the time to fall in love amidst bullets and bloodlust. Meuwissen writes it like you feel it, and you'll be able to find some version of yourself in Emery and Connor's emotions and actions. It's a satisfying and fun read, and this novel should be on the bookshelf of anyone interested in a refreshingly honest take on the classic tale of falling for your best friend.

Definitely looking forward to what this author pens next!

Life as a Teenage Vampire

Jan 09, Sierra rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-star-books , kindle-unlimited , paranormal , vampires , ya. This was a good book with an unfortunate cover. There were many things that were done just right here, Connor, the secondary characters, the believable high school settings and behavior, and the many nerdy touches. While I liked Emery, our vampire main character, I loved Connor. He was funny, nerdy, strong, slightly vulnerable in his love for Emery, and a great portrait of someone with a disability. The descriptions of his custom-made by himself prosthetics were really cool.

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His unrequited lov This was a good book with an unfortunate cover. His unrequited love for Emery is so well done, not melodramatic and over-angsty, just right. Jules, Aurora, and Mike round out the cast as close-knit secondary character friends. Both Jules, and especially Aurora, are very fierce and cool female characters.

The vampire stuff is cool of course with lots of special abilities no spoilers! I thought it was a great idea to marry two big life changes, discovering something major about his sexuality and becoming a vampire. What comes through in the story is that, like coming out as gay, coming out as a vampire doesn't mean he's not the same guy--cool parallel, huh? The full high school experience is here, lunchtime goofing off, actually going to classes which so many YA books skip over , and best of all, the spring play with all the rehearsals, pranks, and cast party and the author makes all this interesting and weaves lots of funny extra bits into it too.

The love story was very tender and one of those were you keep wanting them to just admit their feelings and be together. Sex while some touching happens all sex is off page. On the negative side There were some things that prosthetics just can't do. I won't say too much because I don't want to spoil anything in the story but someone missing an arm can't effectively shoot and reload a rifle, play the type of sport mentioned, or carry a person cradled like a baby across a field.

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Perhaps this is supposed to be set in a near future when the technology and abilities are increased but it sometimes threw me out of the story with the strain on believably. The major thing that almost made me lose a lot of respect for the story was how a non-vampire person could sustain what was a very, very serious injury and then hop our of a hospital bed a few hours later for a major throwdown. But I just took a deep breath and decided to overlook it for what was otherwise a great story.

The ending was very satisfying with all the nice milestones of senior year and some nice tying up of all major plot lines and themes. Excellent for teens and adults.

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I read on KU but will probably buy to have for future rereads. Glad to have discovered a new author such a gift for storytelling! View 1 comment. Nov 30, books are love rated it really liked it. This was entertaining and cute. I love Emery and Connor they are perfect together. Two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and fit together. Connor is the sweet loyal one that is secretly harboring a crush on his friend. He is smart and always there for Emery. When Emery turns Connor is the one who figures it out and helps him through it. Connor is also the one with the witty snarky comebacks. He keeps Emery smiling and knowing that someone is there This was entertaining and cute. He keeps Emery smiling and knowing that someone is there no matter what. Emery is the one always with a smile and there for his friends. He is kind and loyal but does have his life turn upside down.

He is now turned and has those who murdered after him.

The Teenage Vampire The Teenage Vampire
The Teenage Vampire The Teenage Vampire
The Teenage Vampire The Teenage Vampire
The Teenage Vampire The Teenage Vampire
The Teenage Vampire The Teenage Vampire
The Teenage Vampire The Teenage Vampire
The Teenage Vampire The Teenage Vampire

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