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This is because, NTM assumes that in normal conditions, we can assume to be in the Obvious or the Complicated domain, whereas ALL realizes that we mostly operate oscillating between Complex and Complicated with a lot of fragmented knowledge, having to build knowledge up as we go along.

The lowest cost, the shortest lead time and the least slack is the best. This implies always to be on the look-out for learning. Any defect or impediment is seen primarily as an opportunity for learning, not primarily for blaming. Comment : This requires a special kind of culture, where speaking your mind, admitting mistakes, seeking help and suggesting improvements is encouraged and not punished. Edwards Deming, who is widely recognized as a the great-grandfather of what we call ALL.

A zero-sum game or not? That is, there is an underlying assumption in NTM that if somebody wins, there has to be losers, it has to be at the expense of somebody else. Life is all one giant competition over the same pie. ALL claims that there is such a thing as increasing benefit, quality and market in a balanced way for all stakeholders: customers, employees, society at large and shareholders. This can be gradually uncovered although we only have fragmented knowledge to start with.

Comment : It follows that NTM has a propensity to foster adversary relationships. With ALL, the relationships with clients, suppliers and employers tends to be focused on improving and learning together and finding ways of sharing the upsides and the risks.

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The Toyota Way is a clear example of this. Control or Communication? NTM is normally deeply rooted in trying to get and maintain control, superiority and decision right. Those who attain that position are normally seen as being in a desirable position.

Modern slavery and your devices

And since they are also as a rule lavishly compensated, it is understandable that people find this desirable. ALL on the other side is constantly occupied with expanding skills, knowledge and understanding so that more value can be created.

In the Complex domain those who can communicate, create new relations and learn can innovate and keep delighting their customers. Comment : It follows, that NTM has tendency to foster organizations, where there is a lot of scrambling for position, where there are winners and losers, where there is quite a bit of fear, and where there is consequently a loss of transparency.

Such an organization can fail catastrophically in a crisis, critical information does not reach the right people. An ALL organization is exactly opposite, it has constant focus on generating value and it is normally quite resilient and can react with great agility in a crisis. Specialization or Teamwork?

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NTM is very focused on the specialist. Work is most likely structured as a series of tasks designed by superior experts to be performed by specialist workers in series one after the other.

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ALL is operating under the assumption that we are dealing with complex scenarios and fragmented knowledge, therefore successful big upfront planning is impossible. The preferred approach in ALL is to put together a small cross-functional team to find solutions through experiments and learning through self-organizing. That is, people with a broad base of knowledge and a couple of specific areas of acquired expertise. If the old structures from NTM are kept in place, change in behavior will not happen or at least not be persistent for long. Extrinsic or Intrinsic Motivation NTM assumes that people are primarily driven by personal extrinsic external compensation of sorts: money, perks, status etc.

Therefore elaborate bonus schemes, targets, KPIs and such are designed to try to motivate people, scare them to comply to plans and improve their performance.

The Other Side Academy is a place for change. If you or your loved one are looking for help to overcome a destructive lifestyle and are willing to work to get it, The Other Side Academy invites you to come sit on the bench. The Other Side Academy is not for those seeking a quick fix to a lifetime of poor habits.

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A student commits to two years in-residence, and in many cases, this is instead of serving a prison sentence. The student may not leave campus without staff approval. The Other Side Academy is not a drug rehabilitation program, a group home, or correctional facility. Those who are unwilling to live by house rules, keep pace with the rigorous schedule, or be honest about their behavior need not apply. All applicants must be in good health and between years of age.

Antipodes Map - Tunnel to the other side of the world

Working alongside reputed ministry partners in the country, we have been granted media permissions to orphanages and affiliated facilities across Ethiopia. With production bases in both New York and Addis Ababa, the cast and crew will be filled by both US and Ethiopian-based industry professionals. Leveraging existing networks in the country, we're teaming up with local casting agencies, film schools, and creative organizations to promote local collaboration and engagement. Due to poverty, HIV, chronic illness, and lack of female empowerment programs, there are 5 million vulnerable children ranging from infancy to 18 years of age.

Hundreds of private orphanages have been forced to close due to lack of funding, resulting in millions of vulnerable children often living their entire lives on the streets. With too many children and not enough domestic adoptions, government orphanages find themselves overburdened and unable to provide basic and emotional needs.

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Production begins July 16th, on location in the capital city of Addis Ababa. Staying true to the natural landscapes of the country, a prominent green-blue-orange color tone is to be implemented with VisionColor film emulations. From orphanage courtyards to city markets, our goal is to celebrate the rich world our characters live in. The film is to be shot on Atlas Orion anamorphics, slated for post-production in mid to late While this may be a passion project for most of our crew, there are a number of additional resources necessary to bring the script to life.

Funds will be allocated into several departments including:. We are so fortunate to not only work with an incredible team of talented filmmakers and artists, but to have partnered with a number of organizations both in the United States and Ethiopia. We are also proud to announce that Ethan Herisse will be playing our lead, Abel. While we are bringing a story, we want the country to tell it. We hope to be listeners, not experts. Additionally, in-country security is of paramount concern. To mitigate variability in unexpected weather, protect the health of our cast and crew, and ensure the safety of our equipment, we are working closely with in-country partners to account for all potential scenarios.

The Other Side of Through The Other Side of Through
The Other Side of Through The Other Side of Through
The Other Side of Through The Other Side of Through
The Other Side of Through The Other Side of Through
The Other Side of Through The Other Side of Through
The Other Side of Through The Other Side of Through
The Other Side of Through The Other Side of Through
The Other Side of Through The Other Side of Through

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