The Last Days of Kim Jong-il

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The revisions created a new organization, the State Affairs Commission, with Kim as its head. Although Jang was the highest-profile official to be purged by Kim, defectors and South Korean intelligence services reported that people who had displeased the regime were being executed on a routine basis. In several cases, individuals who reportedly had been killed in a spectacularly grisly fashion resurfaced years later; such instances provided a clear illustration of just how difficult it was to obtain accurate information about events inside North Korea.

After February , which saw the first nuclear test of the Kim Jong-Un regime, the pace of both underground detonations and long-range missile tests quickened dramatically. By North Korea had conducted a total of six nuclear tests, including at least one of a device that North Korean officials claimed was small enough to mount on an intercontinental ballistic missile.

With a significant part of the mainland United States now theoretically within range of a North Korean nuclear attack, a war of words erupted between Kim and U. Donald Trump. Roh Moo-Hyun , but the escalation of the North Korean nuclear program led Moon to adopt a much more hawkish tone once in office.

Kim Jong Un was born on January 8 — 1982, 1983, or 1984.

That announcement was followed by talk of an unprecedented summit between Kim and Trump, which the Trump administration indicated would take place in or before May It marked the first time that the leaders of the two Koreas had met face-to-face in more than a decade, and the pair discussed the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the conclusion of an armistice that would officially end the Korean War.

By mid-May the details of the meeting between Kim and Trump had begun to crystallize. The summit was scheduled to be held in Singapore. Expanding on earlier comments from national security adviser John R. Bolton , U. Vice Pres. Muammar al-Qaddafi.

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Eight days later Trump reversed himself and announced that the summit would proceed as planned. On June 12, , for the first time in history, the leaders of the United States and North Korea met face-to-face. Kim Jong-Un. Article Media.

He was charged with having tried to take control of North Korea through a military coup. Following the uncle's execution, there were reports that Kim Jong Un continued to purge the rest of the uncle's family. Instead, the ambassador claimed that only Jang Sung Taek was killed by firing squad following a trial. Leaders in the Hermit Kingdom are often very secretive when it comes to their significant others, but Kim Jong Un often has his wife join him and allows photographs.

North Korean media revealed in July that he was married to Ri Sol Ju — a former cheerleader and singer — but no one knows exactly when they were married, according to NBC News. South Korean intelligence believe the couple probably married in and already had one child.

There are rumors Ri Sol Ju gave birth to a child in , with many believing it was a girl. His father owned a video library of "practically every game Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls. Kim Jong Un had tons of Jordan posters as a kid. In , Kim was reportedly the target of an assassination attempt. South Korean intelligence believes the young leader was targeted by "disgruntled people inside the North" after he demoted a four-star general, which resulted in a power struggle.

Perhaps as a means of reasserting control, Kim Jong Un has become extremely belligerent, shutting down all links with South Korea and threatening thermonuclear war against his neighbor and the US. His father and grandfather used to make these threats all the time without following through. Kim Jong Un has continued to be belligerent with South Korea and the West throughout his rule in hopes of bolstering his authority. North Korea has continued to test ballistic missiles and nuclear devices under Kim Jong Un's rule, despite the threat of sanctions. In , the country launched its first satellite into space.

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And since Kim Jong Un has taken over, the country has continued to push ahead with its construction of ballistic and nuclear weapons. And in April , a top US general warned that North Korea could develop nuclear missiles capable of reaching the shores of the western US. Pyongyang claims the test was a miniaturized hydrogen bomb. In response to the detonation, world leaders have strongly come out against North Korea. Even China, North Korea's main ally, has said that it strongly opposes the tests.

That test was followed up by a series of increasingly successful ballistic missile launches that have landed in the Sea of Japan. North Korea has also successfully test launched a ballistic missile from a submarine. Based on some estimates, the blast from the warhead was more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The tests signal a commitment on the part of Kim to press forward with the armament of his nation.

If undeterred, experts estimate North Korea could develop nuclear warheads that could reach the US by The assassination of Kim's half-brother Kim Jong-Nam in a Malaysian airport led to a global investigation of North Korea's involvement. Amid worldwide suspicion of North Korean involvement, Malaysian police conducted an autopsy against the wishes of the Kim's government and named a North Korean official and several other nationals as suspects alongside two foreign women believed to be working as hired assassins.

By March, the conflict between the former allies escalated after Malaysia directly accused the North Korean government of orchestrating the murder. North Korea issued an order that prevented Malaysian citizens from leaving the country while Malaysia responded by canceling visa-free entry to North Koreans. Breaking with former President Barack Obama's attempts at diplomatic negotiation via "strategic patience," the Trump administration started demanding for North Korea's immediate de-nuclearization and hinted at the possibility of a preemptive military strike if its impulsive leader does not comply.

In April, Kim retaliated by unsuccessfully test launching another nuclear missile at the same time that US Vice President Mike Pence was scheduled to discuss the country's arms program in Seoul, South Korea. After the US threatened a "pretty significant international response" in the event of another test, a North Korean envoy warned that nuclear war could break out at "any moment.

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Fourteen days which shook the country: the death of Kim Jong Il | NK News - North Korea News

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The Last Days of Kim Jong-il
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il

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