The Healing Power Of Self Love

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You have the power to access these vibrations anytime you choose.

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Make sure to tap into the healing power of your heart today. Take a deep breath in and out and release any unwanted feelings. Let go of the worry, the stress, the insecurities, the unrealized dreams, the "I should" the "I have to". Just let all that go. Keep breathing consciously until you feel and energetic shift happening in your physical body. In many of you this feels like tingling running down your back, arms and legs. This simple breathing exercise will help you release and reconnect to the present moment and stay connected with the vibration of your heart.

The Healing Power of Self Love

You will notice that as you release your negative feelings and mental worries, your physical body begins to feel less tense. This is a good sign that the energies are now fully flowing through your body and energy field with less interference and that the stagnant energies are melting away.

When you breathe deeply, you move out a lot of toxic energy of thought and emotion.

This is why it is important for you to take time to let go and relax by letting yourself simply be present in the moment here and now. Be aware of how you feel in each moment, as you welcome and enjoy the love you feel for yourself. As you breathe love in, you strengthen your immune system and nourish your endocrine system. Visualize a beautiful pink light entering your heart and creating beautiful rings shaped like hearts entering and exiting your body.

Joie Cheng: The Healing Power of Self-Love

You are now surrounded by huge hearts made of pure pink light. See and feel these threads of light enlarging and becoming bigger and bigger as they continue to encircle your entire body. Ask the healing angels of Divine light to nourish every cell in your body to bring the vibration of self-love as a healing code to upgrade you light body and your physical body in order to create the necessary energy matrix to receive more loving vibrations.

See and feel the healing angels supporting you and whispering in your ear what you need to do to heal your life. Ask that they come in your dreams tonight to bring you peace and deep rest. Stay in this state for as long as you need. Affirmation: "Love is my true vibration. The irony however is that, even if we are biologically programmed to avoid pain as means of self preservation, we must experience it if we are to grow and survive.

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We must work hard, if we are to meet our basic needs; we must exercise regularly, if we are to live healthy lives; we must study hard for very many years, if we are to have satisfying and fulfilling careers; we must control our natural desires and drives, if we are to avoid breaking the law; we must endure the pains of declaring our own independence from other people, if we are to mature and grow; we must save more and spend less of our income, if we are to survive the pangs of poverty; we must fight in self defense when attacked, if we are to survive; we must refrain from all forms of over indulgence, if we are to remain healthy and sane; we must transcend material desires, if we are to grow spiritually and self-actualize.

Growth of any kind, by its very nature, involves the endless struggle against our natural drive to avoid pain. Growth in all its forms is a prerequisite to happiness, just as its absence is a major cause of intense suffering.

Louise Hay Quotes On Love, Healing and Self love

This means that, while on the one hand we must avoid pain in order to survive, we must experience it if we are to survive. We must suffer so that we may ultimately cease to suffer. Because much of the human race has a tendency to avoid suffering, it exists in a state of unending misery.

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We are suffering, not because life is difficult or unjust, but because we refuse to willingly suffer and this stifles self growth. When external reality is painful, or put another way, when the problems in our lives generate pain, we naturally seek to avoid that pain. How we go about this task of avoiding the pain that reality generates, is what determines whether we become alcoholics or not, normal or abnormal, well adjusted or maladjusted, sane or insane, happy or sad.

Build Self Love and Heal the Inner Child While You Sleep Hypnosis / Meditation

This is the dilemma that every human being is faced with- how to avoid this pain and remain sane at the same time! Mentally healthy people deal with this pain by successfully coping and adapting to their environments.

Through the application of the tools of discipline, they are able to solve most of their problems. Consequently, they experience a significant reduction in the pain generated by external reality, and life becomes bearable. Life becomes worth living, because the pain of living does not exceed the pleasure of living.

In this sense, life is the endless attempt to reduce on the pains generated by external reality, through the application of the tools of discipline in problem solving, so that we are not overwhelmed by the pains of living. When the pain generated by external reality exceeds the pleasure it generates for a significant period of time, we can be said to be maladaptive, abnormal, or mentally ill. In the field of alcoholism and drug addiction treatment, there have always been questions for which there were no satisfactory answers: Is substance abuse a problem of discipline or a disease?

Why do untreated addicts have a better chance at breaking the bond of addiction than addicts who get treated? Why has the incidence of recovery without the help of formal treatment continued to rise? Are the successes of Alcoholics Anonymous A. A nothing more than spontaneous remission? Why are some people able to quit their addiction without treatment, while others only get worse after treatment?

Why does treatment have a negative effect? Why are some treatment programs more effective than others? Why has the world continued to experience a steady increase in the rate of addiction and self destruction? Why is it that 1 in 2 Americans has a diagnosable mental disorder each year, and 81 Americans commit suicide every day? Why do non-Hispanic blacks bear a disproportionate burden of disease, injury, death, and disability?

Why do the most successful treatment programs for addicts have a spiritual component? Why do non white people suffer from a high rate of substance abuse and self destruction? Why does Africa have the highest rate of suicide, poverty, and disease in the world? In a unique blend of psychology, psychiatry, metaphysics, medicine, orient and western religions, The Healing Power of Self Love provides answers to these and many more questions. Even though this book was initially designed to meet the needs of alcoholics and drug addicts in treatment, it may be of great value to people who are struggling with other types of addiction, and to those who are faced with major obstacles to their self-realization or self actualization.

The Healing Power Of Self Love The Healing Power Of Self Love
The Healing Power Of Self Love The Healing Power Of Self Love
The Healing Power Of Self Love The Healing Power Of Self Love
The Healing Power Of Self Love The Healing Power Of Self Love
The Healing Power Of Self Love The Healing Power Of Self Love
The Healing Power Of Self Love The Healing Power Of Self Love
The Healing Power Of Self Love The Healing Power Of Self Love
The Healing Power Of Self Love The Healing Power Of Self Love
The Healing Power Of Self Love

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