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Share on Facebook Copy the link below To share this on Facebook click on the link below. Open Facebook. Featured Posts. Watch ad-free with AMC Premiere. Learn More. Are you sure you want to sign out? Last step - Add your e-mail to complete your account. By proceeding I understand and agree to AMC's privacy policy , cookies policy , and terms of use. The film depicts catastrophic climatic effects following the disruption of the North Atlantic Ocean circulation in a series of extreme weather events that usher in global cooling and lead to a new ice age. A major commercial success, the film became the sixth highest-grossing film of Filmed in Toronto and Montreal , it is the highest-grossing Hollywood film made in Canada adjusted for inflation.

It received mixed reviews upon release, with critics highly praising the film's special effects and musical score but criticizing its writing and numerous scientific inaccuracies. Professor Terry Rapson, an oceanographer of the Hedland Centre in Scotland befriends Jack over his views of an inevitable climate shift.

When several buoys in the Atlantic Ocean show a severe ocean temperature drop, Rapson concludes Jack's theories are correct. A massive storm system develops in the northern hemisphere , splitting into three gigantic hurricane -like superstorms above Canada , Scotland , and Siberia. Meanwhile, the weather worsens across the world; Tokyo is struck by a giant hail storm, sea levels in Nova Scotia rise 25 feet 7 meters in seconds, and Los Angeles is devastated by a tornado outbreak.

Following this, President Blake issues an executive order for the FAA to ground all air traffic across the country. New York is soon caught in the North American storm and the weather becomes progressively more violent, resulting in a massive storm surge flooding Manhattan.

This forces Sam's group to seek shelter at the New York Public Library , but not before Laura accidentally cuts her leg. While cellphone communications are down, Sam is able to contact Jack and his mother Lucy, a physician, through a working payphone ; Jack advises him to stay inside and promises to rescue him. Rapson and his team perish in the European storm.

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Lucy remains in a hospital caring for bed-ridden children, where she and her patients are eventually rescued by the authorities. Upon Jack's suggestion, Blake orders the southern states to be evacuated into Mexico ; the northern half are doomed to be hit by the superstorm, but are warned by the government to seek shelters and stay warm. With the storm having now reached Washington, Blake perishes after his motorcade is caught in it, making Becker the new President.

Jack, Jason, and Frank make their way to New York against all odds.

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In Pennsylvania , Frank falls through the skylight of a mall, cutting his rope to prevent his friends from falling in after him. In the library, most survivors, upon seeing many survivors from other structures deciding to head south after the floodwater outside freezes over, decide to follow suit in spite of Sam's warnings; only a few survivors end up taking heed of Sam's advice to stay put, burning books to stay warm as the temperatures plunge. Laura develops blood poisoning from her injury, whereupon Sam, Brian, and JD scour a Russian cargo vessel that had drifted into the city for penicillin , fending off a pack of wolves which escaped from Central Park Zoo.

The eye of the North American storm arrives, freezing Manhattan solid, but Sam's group make it inside just in time with the medicine and food. Likewise, Jack and Jason take shelter in an abandoned Wendy's restaurant. Jack and Jason continue to proceed towards New York after the eye has passed.

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While traveling, they come across the group who left the library frozen to death. Days later, the superstorms dissipate. Jack and Jason successfully reach the library, finding Sam's group alive. Becker, in his first address as President, apologizes on television for his ignorance, vowing to send helicopters to rescue survivors in the northern states. Jack and Sam's group are picked up in Manhattan, where many people have survived. On the International Space Station , astronauts look down in awe at the transformed surface of the planet, now free of pollution , and with new ice caps generated by the superstorms, extending across the northern hemisphere.

Before and during the film's release, members of environmental and political advocacy groups distributed pamphlets to moviegoers describing the possible effects of global warming. To choose a studio, writer Michael Wimer created an auction. A copy of the script was sent to all major studios along with a term sheet.

They had 24 hours to decide whether to produce the movie with Roland Emmerich directing. Fox Studios was the only studio to accept the terms. It was the second-highest opening-weekend film not to lead at the box office; Inside Out surpassed it in June The Day After Tomorrow received mixed reviews from critics, who praised its visual effects and criticized its writing and scientific inaccuracy. According to the website, it is "A ludicrous popcorn flick filled with clunky dialogues, but spectacular visuals save it from being a total disaster.

He gave it three stars out of four. Emmerich did not deny that his casting of a weak president and the resemblance of vice-president Kenneth Welsh to Dick Cheney were intended to criticize the climate change policy of the George W. Bush administration. Some scientists criticized the film's scientific aspects. Paleoclimatologist and professor of earth and planetary science at Harvard University Daniel P. Schrag said, "On the one hand, I'm glad that there's a big-budget movie about something as critical as climate change. Years later, when a similar incident seems imminent on a small town in Washington, it is up to him to convince the townsfolk that they're living at the foot of a volcano that's ready to burst.

Brosnan rules the silver screen as always with his effortless charm. But unlike Bond, he tones down the suaveness and delivers a more earnest performance. The supporting cast is equally good, making it super engaging for the viewers. Beneath the honest portrayal of a natural calamity, Dante's Peak is a nail-biting thriller.

Directed by Academy Award winner, Danny Boyle, the horror film features zombies, but not in the traditional sense. Here, instead of the undead, our protagonists have to face the 'infected' - living, breathing humans who have become aggressive, flesh-eating monsters. Although the destruction is on a global scale, the film primarily focuses on one man in London, who wakes up from a coma. After gaining consciousness, he discovers that the civilized world no longer exists. As he encounters the monsters and other survivors, the film takes us on an adventure as they try to stay alive and uninfected.

The film is a piece of art and the high scores it enjoys on major movie rating websites is a testament to this fact. While it is horrendous to witness the infected attack on survivors, the real horror element in the film is something else. Boyle expertly portrays how humans are the worst kind of monsters, which makes even zombies look tame by comparison.

Watch this unique zombie flick to find out what I'm talking about. Although, the Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig starrer scores really low on most websites, I found this film quite refreshing. Usually, apocalyptic films have a prominent cause - either it's a natural calamity on a global scale, an alien invasion, or a deadly plague. However, The Invasion takes the road less traveled. Here, the end of mankind is brought about by aliens, but they are actually portrayed as benevolent. Nicole plays a single mother who has an introverted son.

She's friends with a doctor, played by Craig. The two encounter a strange death brought about by a mysterious illness. Soon, it is revealed that some sort of alien virus has spread across the globe. This virus takes over the host and makes them calm and docile. As she struggles to protect herself and her son from impending doom, she finds out a big secret behind this invasion. If anyone deserves credit for this film, it's Nicole.

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She is phenomenal as an on-screen mother, as she convincingly relays her worst fears as a mother. The film is a fascinating watch. The real USP of The Invasion lies in its plot, as it creates atmospheric horror, which is much harder to pull off than jump scares. Whether you watch Netflix or not, you must have heard of Birdbox by now.

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Starring Sandra Bullock, it is undoubtedly one of the best post-apocalyptic horror films to date. Set in a world that is invaded by mysterious forces, Bullock plays Mallory, a young pregnant woman who's trying to survive. That's easier said than done, for whoever catches a glimpse of this force, ends up killing themselves in the most violent way.

The Day After 2012 The Day After 2012
The Day After 2012 The Day After 2012
The Day After 2012 The Day After 2012
The Day After 2012 The Day After 2012
The Day After 2012 The Day After 2012
The Day After 2012 The Day After 2012
The Day After 2012 The Day After 2012

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