The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1)

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Sleep researchers say they have established that many of the visions of angels and other religious encounters described in the Bible were likely "the products of spontaneous lucid dreams.

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In a sleep study by the Out-Of-Body Experience Research Center in Los Angeles, 30 volunteers were instructed to perform a series of mental steps upon waking up or becoming lucid during the night that might lead them to have out-of-body experiences culminating in perceived encounters with an angel. Half of them succeeded, the researchers said.

Specifically, the volunteers were told to try to re-create the story of Elijah, a prophet who is referenced in the Talmud, the Bible and the Quran. In one of the stories in the Bible's Book of Kings, Elijah flees to the wilderness and falls asleep under a juniper tree, exhausted and prepared to die. Suddenly an angel shakes him awake and tells him to eat. He looks around and, to his surprise, sees a loaf of bread baked on some coals and a jug of water.


Elijah eats the meal and goes back to sleep. Lead researcher Michael Raduga said this event was chosen from among a multitude of biblical passages involving religious visions during the night, because, "in terms of verifiable results, angels were the ideal choice, as Western culture provides a relatively well-established image for them wings, white robes, halos, etc. The research, which has not been reviewed by peers for scientific publication, does garner support from some dream researchers who were not involved in Raduga's study.

They said the findings support further inquiry into the basis of such religious visions. One dream expert, however, pointed out that many religious tales of angelic encounters occurred in daytime, which suggests they could not have been dreams. During the four weekends devoted to the study, 24 of the volunteers indicated they had experienced at least one lucid dream. They had been instructed to try to "separate from their bodies" every time they became half-awake or lucid during the night.

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If they were able to dream that they had separated from their sleeping bodies, they were then supposed to look for angels in their homes. If they were unable to have an out-of-body dream experience, they were told to go back to sleep and try again later in the night.

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Fifteen of the 24 "lucid" participants said they were able to re-create the story of Elijah during their dreamlike experiences, either in part or in full. Angel of Mercy Series Al Lacy. Sign me up to get more news about Fiction books. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Please try again later. Captive Set Free.

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Continuing with the adventures of certified medical nurse Breanna Baylor, book three of the Angel of Mercy series follows Breanna into the mountains west of Denver. There, she becomes the prisoner of outlaws who hope to use her medical expertise to prevent the spread of scarlet fever in their slave labor camp. But when Breanna outlives her usefulness, she finds her life at risk as she hopes for survival and prays for a miracle in Captive Set Free. Faithful Heart. Her husband, Jerrod, is struggling with dementia brought on by shell shock during the Civil War.

click here Along the way, Breanna meets up with wounded soldiers, contagious townspeople, and injured outlaws. Compassionate and highly skilled, she tends to their physical hurts and shares the gospel whenever she can. Litlle does she know that a life-or-death meeting awaits with her own brother-in-law. Come alongside these two remarkable sisters, and rejoice in how God takes care of those with faithful hearts. A Promise for Breanna.

The Angel of Mercy series follows the adventures of certified medical nurse Breanna Baylor as she seeks to serve her fellow man and restore her relationship with her true love-John Stranger of the Journeys of the Stranger series-in the post-Civil War West.

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A Promise for Breanna finds the heroine face to face with Frank Miller, the man who once broke her heart and led her to mistrust men, sabotaging her relationship with John Stranger. Suspense, danger, romance, and spiritual truth each play a part in this compelling story that draws readers into the life of an angel of mercy.

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Final Justice. As Silver Moon grows, she becomes consumed with hatred until her one goal is to kill the man responsible. Far Above Rubies. Continuing the adventures of Old West heroine Breanna Baylor Brockman, Book Ten of the popular Angel of Mercy series incorporates several well-known historical s outlaws. When eighteen-year-old Ginny Grayson moves to Missouri, she falls in love with hardware drummer Wesley Logan.

But is it too late for a new start…as a woman whose worth is far above rubies? Can Breanna warn her husband in time? Will Natalie lose her love…again? Both nurses need a miracle.

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The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1) The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1)
The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1) The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1)
The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1) The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1)
The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1) The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1)
The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1) The Angel in my Dreams (The Angel Series Book 1)

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