The A Guide to your Music Success

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But how can you give yourself a better chance of standing out from the crowd? Connecting with your fans online is also key. Not only should you regularly post interesting, exciting or maybe even funny content to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, but also reply to and interact with anyone who mentions you in their Tweets and post. If someone compliments your track — thank them! Alternatively, have you ever thought about vlogging?

A popular YouTube series is a great platform from which to launch a successful independent music career. All you need is a camera, internet connection and an irresistible personality! Major independent grime artist Stormzy often retweets and replies to his fans on Twitter.

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Know your strengths and focus on them. Social media this. Streaming site that. Funnels and the other. Tactics are nice to know. But they come and go. And, they do nothing to help you work on your inner game , which is the real difference maker.

2. Promoting your music event

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As you know, we ask for feedback ongoingly and regularly so that we can provide you with the best information and content possible. This new survey While the foundations of DIY music may have been laid by bands like Fugazi back in the s, the music industry landscape in has changed so much that, rather than a radical decision, choosing to be independent is often the most profitable, sustainable way of The musician community seems positively sanguine about funnels.

In case you're unaware, today, a funnel essentially describes a multi-step sales process. A lot of artists wonder about the effectiveness of getting coverage on music blogs, podcast and radio interviews, or entertainment magazines. Video is a powerful promotional tool. But the right kind of video? That makes all the difference. And even if not for that, people love to see how their favorite songs came together in the first place.

These types of videos are great for your fans, because they offer insights into who you are as well as their favorite music, but can also convert new fans, because they see you putting in the hard work to create a great product. Plus, you can turn your video into a DVD using a service like CreateSpace, and give it away as a bonus, or even monetize it by selling it to your fans. If so, be sure to sign up to my newsletter to be informed on when top new guides come out, and see if our music marketing course is open.

So what do you think about the above strategies, have you tried any of them before? Are there any other ways to promote your music that have worked well for you?

15 things you MUST do to make it in the music industry

Let me know in the comments. Want to learn how to do that? Awesome Article! Agree with this article completely. Musicians need to start looking at themselves as a business and respect the kind of work that goes into making a business successful. Look at Mcdonalds for example.

How To Grow Your Career In The Music Industry

Arguably one of the best known brands in the world, yet they still constantly advertise on TV, radio, magazines, etc. This should give you an idea of how much work you, as an unknown musician, have to put into marketing. Not just any work of course though, smart and consisitent work. Nice tips Shaun. My friends say that my records are amazing and that I just play the guitar like Eric Clapton but nobody wants to give me a pound. I think the music is just for those who have big marketing companies supporting them.

How To Start A Music Career With No Support - Family, Friends, & Coworkers

Good value for my monthly subscription. After reading your first tip that suggests connecting with businesses I thought I would take your advice. Here is my music sound cloud. Awesome article! I like your idea of being a B2B musician. But how to attract them?

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And how can musicians add some value on their event? You have some ideas? Hi Jonathan. You can however benefit them if your name has a buzz and you can share some of that buzz with their event. HI Shaun, I like your comment about connecting with people that have a bigger audience than me. And to write about others via a blog is also a very good idea for the seach engine links.. I very much appreciate your insights and what you share.

The A Guide to your Music Success The A Guide to your Music Success
The A Guide to your Music Success The A Guide to your Music Success
The A Guide to your Music Success The A Guide to your Music Success
The A Guide to your Music Success The A Guide to your Music Success
The A Guide to your Music Success The A Guide to your Music Success
The A Guide to your Music Success The A Guide to your Music Success
The A Guide to your Music Success The A Guide to your Music Success
The A Guide to your Music Success The A Guide to your Music Success

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