Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer)

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It can also trigger a mama's boy who feels rage at his mother so he will take it out on other women since he was brainwashed to view his mom as a saint who could never do wrong. The aggressive hostile violent father who beats the mother and other aggressive acts in front of the child's face.

The child usually a boy sees his father as his role model to mimick. In other cases, the boy will view his father as someone to not be and won't grow up to abuse women. It's based on perception so not all who had to go through that are going to be that type of person.


The ones who rise above it usually have alot of care, empathy and spirit. No matter how much abuse they've received they stay strong and know what was going on isn't worth emulating. The problem with psychiatry is that there is no encouragment to do anything about it. When they are adults and have been missed as children, they are set in their ways and will not change. Their routine is rigid and locked. There are warning signs early on. Why aren't psychopathic children treated in the same regard as autistics with early intervention?

That is usually an indicator that whomever came up with the analogy that it's a lost cause secretly sympathises and relates to the psychopath. The truth is, it can be helped early on but because people are stuck on this idea that children cannot think like that or act in that manner or be manipulative, nobody wants to go outside of their own rigid upbringing of these flawed philosophies. Yes, these type of children manipulate, lie, steal, kill.

Are some born this way? Are the majority born this way? Not sure but there are potential other factors involved rather than just upbringing that could be helped. Then the ones who have turned this way over emotional neglect, abuse, constant rejection could use a psychologist that won't fall for manipulation. The ones who were groomed into empty shells had a bad upbringing. Some of them decided to disassociate and pretend everything was great growing up.

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When you look at their family dynamics, everything on the outside looks perfect. Perfect family, perfect teeth, nice house, cars etc That's people judging on the outside again. Meanwhile behind the fancy curtain, these "perfect" people place value on "things" "stuff" "cars" "toys" "materials" "money" and people are just accessories. One child may resent it and declare it's wrong while another child views of it as right and gets a warped sense of what is going on and decided people are objects.

Writing about strong women defying society's expectations

Usually in that scenario. That child is not usually the golden boy or girl they are isolated, alone, feelings of being inadequate. Their siblings treated better and included. The isolated child shows the true inner nature of the materialistic parents afterall and those parents want to pretend they are perfect to their friends, co-workers and anyone who steps into their "perfect" theater aka their home.

Criminologists reveal the five key traits common in serial killers | Daily Mail Online

The child that is adapting to this environment is lonely and nothing that child does is good enough. This can breed a psychopath or if the child is able to control the sadness and feelings of rejection plus have a positive outlet can create an interesting artist. This child doesn't get much attention and often is treated as though he or she is a burden on the family.

After being treated like that most people would actually have normal reactions such as depression, anxiety, no self esteem.

Everybody's Looking for Something in 'The Following'

Those are completely valid reactions. Some however have given up on themselves and life not caring if they live or die. As everything spins out of control for them, there is no turning back. We as a society are putting lives at risk and failing a child that could do something better with their brains. This is by no means sympathy for those who turn into killers.

A human brain is meant for working, i do not believe that na person is born with abnormality or being mentally abnormal. Yes, and it's true we become the outgrowths of the thoughts and actions we habituate to. I took not using my brain, laziness, to an art form in the Bad Old Days, and lived what I called "a profoundly boring life at 33 R.

I have, myself, recently been wondering onto the whole truth of killing as an intermediate meeting of natural selection. My psychologist and psychiatrist have became all to engrossed in the cannibalistic and corpse wonderment that has been flooding my mind since me pre-teen years. I was classified as having a "schizophrenic illness" at the age of 18 and been an agoraphobic since Beyond this and the weekly sessions with afore said practitioners we have relished, well I have, in the fantasised enjoyment of the lack of emotional states I have to the macabre.

I do not see anything as being wrong when illuminated within the correct light. There is a reason for all death, all killing. The elk meets the wolf between life and death as does the victim meet the predator. We are but animals, we were designed to kill and envelop. To do so is in our very nature and some of us were born to be artists, some to be athletic.

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Then there are others that were bor to kill. If this was years ago we would be knighted as saviours, as leaders and victors to a cause. To eat ones young is but a genetic stability owned by all mammalian species yet frowned upon by man. The discourse becomes to ask Should we follow a base instinct or demean what we truly are and make ourselves into slavery top follow the 'civilized' path? We are, and should be free to follow our path and there are more than I that desire the inner hunger that needs, requires a venomous rebirth. A force to show with unending vehemence and bold severity in extreme meat decimation to show modern forensics and the little puppets, encased within their blue straight-jackets with the little tin badges, work that any predator with an IQ higher than can and will always elude capture and can denote each kill to a separate and unrelated case.

It is nothing hard to counjer up and the true artist of the black shroud can live a long and free life practising and perfecting his art. We are the new breed and the first born. Come the blighted age and time of reckoning there will only be the free, the strong and of those willing to do what the 'normal' man would find abhorrent. Thank you for giving a comprehensive example of schizophrenic thought patterns.

Your post is somewhat "word-salad"-like in some places, and in other places indicates some paranoid ideation with quite a bit of narcissistic grandiosity thrown in for good measure. Its very educational to read how the disordered brain processes information and interprets reality, right from the horse's mouth, so to speak. Here's sincerely hoping that you are under supervised care and getting the best of treatment. Though you sound like you might be a murderer on the next page. Please write to tell me how it turns out; I'll brace for the worst from an earthbound human perspective, and just hope that you're still one of us.

You know, IQs don't actually have that great a track record for racking up the kills.

Review: Sweet Dreams (#2, Colorado Mountain) by Kristen Ashley

I believe childhood trauma plays a role in some serial killer's lives, but not all. There have been studies that show a difference in brain growth for serial killers.

The Psychology of Serial Killers

Is it really their fault if they were born with an abnormal brain? No, the government should treat this abnormality as a mental illness and get them help. Always being given what you want, never getting any negative repercussions, parents not being parents Parents not being parents create brats, not monsters. Children are born with inherent probably genetically determined temperament traits; our temperament nature plus our experiences growing up nurture in combination forms each individual's personality.

These temperament traits, most of which can be observed at widely varying degrees even in babies, are: 1. There have been studies that show that when there is a good "fit" between the primary caregiver's personality this is usually the baby's biological mother and the baby's temperament, that there is more likelihood that a healthy bond or attachment will form between parent and child, and that's predictive of a good outcome for the child RE relatively mentally healthy, positive emotional development stages of growth.

I've heard it described like a balancing scale or a teeter-totter. Such children have a higher risk of emotional development issues.

Can mortal love survive fae magic?

There is a fascinating article about temperament and how both highly-demanding infants the "orchids" and the more easy-going infants the "dandelions" are and have been necessary for the success of the human species, but that the "orchid" children require more sensitive handling, more enlightened and educated parenting in order to turn out well: with good parenting the "orchid" child has the potential to become a great leader or thinker or innovator, but with bad parenting an "orchid" child can become our worst nightmare: a psychopath.

Many psychologists argue there are feelings that can only be experienced as a group, called inter- and intra-group feelings. They are most notable when in contradiction to personal feelings.

Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer) Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer)
Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer) Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer)
Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer) Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer)
Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer) Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer)
Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer) Sweet Dreams (In the Mind of a Serial Killer)

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