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School Discipline Conference Highlights

Furthermore, it is clearly against the law—and has been for half a century—for districts to treat students differently based on their race. Any differential treatment will remain illegal, even if the Trump administration does rescind federal guidance. DON'T assume that racial bias alone explains disparities in discipline rates.

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The same studies that find evidence of racial bias in disciplinary actions also find that such bias only explains some of the disparities. Differences in student behavior are also a major factor. That's not because of the race of the students, but because, tragically, different racial groups face different kinds and degrees of trauma, abuse, and deprivation, many of them associated with poverty.

Students themselves even report such differences. On federal surveys, twice as many African American students report getting into fights at school as white students.

San Antonio, November 14-17

It would be miraculous if children's vastly different life experiences didn't result in behavioral differences in school. DO show empathy for kids whose misbehavior is due to difficult life circumstances. Educators need to understand the truly tough circumstances that some children face outside of school and do their best to help them cope. Identifying appropriate mental-health supports is particularly important.

Addressing the underlying causes of student misbehavior can go a long way toward nipping it in the bud. DON'T engage in the soft bigotry of low expectations. It's just as important for empathy not to turn into excuses for behavior that is out of line or compromises students' academic potential. All students need to learn how to control their impulses and behave in acceptable ways, as well as cultivate an attitude that reflects motivation and engagement.

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DO find ways to address misbehavior that lead to positive changes and protect opportunities to learn. Long suspensions reduce learning time for those being punished and may not improve their behavior.

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It's worth trying in-school suspension for nonviolent offenses, with supports for students so they can behave better and continue learning the valuable skills and knowledge that schools exist to teach them. DON'T just send disruptive kids back to their classrooms. Those who break rules can't be our exclusive concern; their classmates also have the right to learn.

We must protect their learning environment to stay on track and close achievement gaps.

Want Safe Schools? Start With Research-Based School Discipline Policies

Research also shows what common sense indicates : One or two disruptive students can erode the learning of an entire classroom. It should alarm us that in —16, 43 percent of educators reported classroom misbehavior that affects their ability to teach students , according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

DO address "suspension factories. And that is still the case for too many schools today—a sign that they are careening out of control on disciplinary measures. While it's bad to ignore schools with such high rates of suspensions, it's arguably worse to respond by simply commanding that they get their numbers down without providing massive amounts of support. Mr Keo Saren, was determined to explore ways to reverse the trend. At Peam Ror Primary School, children were subjected to various kinds of corporal punishment, and other forms of discipline with negative physical and psychological effects on students.

One of these was standing on one leg with arms raised. Since teachers started applying positive discipline techniques, children are now more likely to be seen taking this stance during a game of hop-scotch than as a form of punishment.

School discipline

Peam Ror Primary School has created a commune counselling group to share positive discipline techniques at the community level. Parents have taken note of the positive outcomes of the techniques and are applying them at home. Here Long Sokna 12 is doing her homework with her mother while her young brother, Kakada 4 plays with a toy.

Character education: Self-discipline

Mr Mork Koy has been a teacher for 30 years. Laughter and smiles replace fear and tears in the classroom.

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Positive discipline techniques have led to improved relationships between teachers and students in Peam Ror School. Teachers model positive behavior their students can follow with kind words and no hitting. Long Sokna, is one of the top performing students with good grades at Peam Ror School, she has also experienced physical violence from her teachers. I would get hit by the teacher for this. I like the way my teacher speaks gently to me and helps me understand. I feel braver to talk to her, I know she will not hit me.

Mr Mork Koy explains the card system of positive discipline to a student. If the situation persists, they are given another card, and are separated from their peers.

We need to fix NYC’s school discipline policy as soon as possible

The disciplinary committee is made up of three representatives of the student council and eight members of the school staff including Mr Mork Koy who chairs the council with Mr Keo Saren. Serious disciplinary cases are discussed with members of the CCWC Commune Council for Women and Children which promotes and protects the rights of women and children in the community.

Peam Ror School is a friendlier and happier school than it was three years ago. Children enjoy coming to school and interactions between teachers and students are positive and enabling. Peam Ror School has been transformed and students enjoy learning in this new environment.

School of Discipline School of Discipline
School of Discipline School of Discipline
School of Discipline School of Discipline
School of Discipline School of Discipline
School of Discipline School of Discipline
School of Discipline School of Discipline
School of Discipline School of Discipline

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