Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance

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Romantic Rose Body Scrub

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I have been racking my brain trying to come up with ways that I can show the boyfriend that I am head over heels in love with him, without buying into the consumerist side of the holiday. We both agreed that we would make each other gifts for our first Valentine's Day together this year, and you know that I excel in the DIY area of gifting, so he's going to get a great Hippy surprise! Not only am I planning on making us a delicious romantic meal for two minus the mushrooms because he has a weird dislike of them…it's his only fault lol!

There are so many romantic uses for essential oils, including in your diffuser , a massage oil, a candle I've made a wonderful massage candle in the past! See below for instructions on how to use the essential oil blends safely for each of these romantic uses. There are quite a few essential oils that have aphrodisiac properties. You can blend these with other sweet ones that you love, such as lavender, geranium, and all of the citrus oils lime, sweet orange, grapefruit, and bergamot.

Perfect for creating a special, intimate atmosphere for you and your lover, this set was specially curated with romance in mind! I love the heady scent combination of floral and woods! We were both very impressed with how well the oil provided slip without all the greasiness. It left our skin feeling fantastic afterward too!

This Be My Valentine Set includes:. It is a very effective mood lifter. The oil is known to destroy depressive feelings and yield a confident approach to life. Users of the oil attest to its ability to boost positive feelings of hope and optimism.

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Other essential components are; terpineol, geranial, limonene, myrcene, neral, and camphene. Apart from anti-depressant qualities, the components give it aphrodisiac, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and other properties.

It is also a stimulant. It pacifies your mind to create relaxed senses. It stimulates and uplifts your emotions once inhaled through your nostrils.

10 Best Essential Oils For Sensual Love Making & Romance

Inhaling the oil brings instant confidence and light up the fire that gives you the sex dive and general energy. Rosewood oil is an effective solution for fearful, nervous, disheartening feelings. It helps relieve the user from hectic situations that bring anxiety. Sandalwood oil is identifiable by its sweet-woody, balsamic scent that improves with age.

It is popular because it easily blends with other essential oils.

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It is commonly used together with Rosewood, Lavender, Neroli, and Bergamot. This is one of the oldest known aroma used for over 4 millennia. It is an effective tension reliever and tension remover. It calms your blood pressure and relaxes the muscles when used in bathing.

This oil is an effective cleanser and an additive to massage and facial oils. It is mostly used as a bath oil, aftershave, lotion, and also as a cream. It keeps your mind settled at night to improve your romance. Apart from its amazing scent, Jasmine is known for its medicinal effect that yields a balancing effect on your nervous system. It is capable of calming frayed nerves and treat depression.

Its effectiveness in nourishing makes it a top anti-aging oil. It is known as the King of flowers because few drops are enough to transform your skin as a toner and lifter. Jasmine oil works on an emotional level to yield strong feelings of confidence and optimism. It is therefore, appropriate in apathy, indifference and listlessness in a relationship. The euphoria will help improve passion between lovers. It has the ability to absorb quickly, contains no preservatives, and is chemical free.

Jasmine oil is not greasy. Most importantly, the oil is friendly to a wide variety of skin types. It can be used on dry, flaky, chapped, cracked, sensitive, and old skin without any side-effects. It is a reliable long-term moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated for freshness. It creates the appropriate environment for regeneration of cells in your skin to keep it healthy and strong.

These characteristics make it a good wrinkle remover and appropriate for all skin types. Antioxidants present in the oil are responsible for protect you from harmful solar radicals, and pollution. It therefore, helps to maintain the youthful appearance with freshness and vitality. The antioxidants purify your skin to keep it resistant to infections. For those with damaged hair, brittle nails, and a dry scalp, Jasmine oil has the necessary components to improve this condition.

It repairs split ends, yields soft silky hair with improved elasticity and suppleness. Consistent use of the product results in quick realization of a sparkle and shine. Ylang Ylang oil has a distinct floral scent that is almost instantly relaxing. It quickly slows down your racing heart to bring calm in a time of stress. It is also known to reduce blood pressure and boost your mood.

It therefore prevents Tachycarda and Hyperpnea fast heartbeat and shallow breathing. It soothes anxiety, anger, worry, and fear effectively turning the user into a loving and romantic person.

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The oil is an aphrodisiac that quickly works on your emotions. It is strong and effective enough to help support bereaved people. It boosts most extreme emotional conditions whether upsets or hyper activity. The calming effects of this oil favor a romantic environment.

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They help the user to experience a prolonged sexual moment. Rose oil is one of the most expensive essential oils because it takes many petals to make an ounce of the fragrance. You can easily be fooled by an adulterated rose oil, which is probably extended with other components. Be sure you buy rose oil at reputable stores; if possible contact the manufacturer directly instead of retailers. This essential oil with Egyptian origin is an incomparable fragrance.

Rose oil can be applied on the body during massage or added to bathing water. The results are incredible. The sweet fragrance enhances confidence and self-esteem. Your partner will lighten up after using this essential oil.

10 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils for Love and Romance

Also, rose oil helps one to open up the heart for love and affection. Apart from boosting confidence, rose oil uplifts spirits. It works as an anti-depressant; if your partner is in low spirits with grief of life pressures, add few drops of rose oil to bathing water, and set up a romantic bath. The aphrodisiac not only stirs sexual desire but also helps with reducing PMS in women and boosting sperm count in men. Pharaoh Cleopatara, a mistress in the Egyptian Empire in the 1 st century is renowned for bathing in rose oil with milk, on a daily basis. The results are amazing.

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  7. The oil helps with digestion, inflammations, and depression; it also functions as an antiseptic and antibacterial. However, as mentioned, bathing in rose oil is too expensive because numerous petals are required to make a bottle of rose oil. Nevertheless, you can benefit from breathing the aroma or applying it on your body to achieve your bedroom goals. If you are thinking of an easy way to stimulate quality of your sex life, consider cinnamon oil.

    It is a common spice in our kitchen, which has amazing effects in the bedroom. Into the dish of a candle diffuser add the required amount of water for the diffuser then add drops total essential oil. Using 2 cups of epsom salts add no more than 6 drops total essential oil. Throughly mix the oil into the epsom salts then dissolve into a full tub of warm water.

    Essential Oils for Love, Romance and Care

    Using 30 ml of your favorite vegetable carrier oil, such as Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil or Coconut oil add up to 6 drops total essential oil. SHOP for organic essential oils and vegetable carrier oils. Email us info evokearomatherapy. Research the safety of the oil you want to use before using it. For example some oils are not safe for people with epilepsy or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Refer to this educational site for more information on essential oil safety before using essential oils. You must be logged in to post a comment.

    Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance
    Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance
    Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance
    Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance
    Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance
    Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance Romantic Scents: Aromatherapy for Romance

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