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How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. The defense of the fortress is established, and the morale is high with the King and the Prince present. Gandalf departs to seek help. The great host of Isengard, with allies of Dunland and goblins from the Misty Mountains attacks. The Uruk-hai are routed, the goblins burn, and the Dunlendings surrender.

They encounter the Ents and Merry and Pippin, who have subdued Isengard. Gandalf, the royalty and the Hunters address Saruman, who is cast out and disempowered. Meanwhile, Sam and Frodo are making their way to Mordor. There they meet Faramir and the rangers, who mention the stirring of the Gravewalker. They depart on good terms, especially since they are friends of a very-much-alive Boromir.

He stands watch over Frodo and Sam while they rest, remarking he has had nearly a thousand years to rest.

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They later move up the Stairs to Torech Ungol, and work their way through, but Frodo is stung, and taken away, whilst Gollum goes missing. Sam takes the Ring, and almost leaves Frodo for dead, save when the Cirith Ungol orcs reveal he is stung. Taken inside the cursed fort, Sam does not know what to do. Gandalf arrives at Minas Tirith with Pippin, where he is graciously received, and Denethor is actually taking action, mobilizing all divisions. Gandalf is happy at this, remarking to Pippin that as of late he had become dark and reclusive, though he at times becomes divided with himself with the shadow of Sauron on his mind still.

Reinforcements from the fiefdoms and Dol Amroth come, and the defence of the city begins. Osgiliath is emptied to save soldiers, but a great battle is fought on the Pelennor. Survivors from the fight flee into the city. The Rohirrim, their hope dwindling in the face of coming too late, are aided by the Woses, who guide them through their lands by a shortcut. Gandalf prepares to duel him, but the horns of the Rohirrim lure him away.

The reinforcements are well-met, and decimate the ranks of Mordor, but against the unfamiliar forces of the South and far East, they begin to fall. Effectively routed, the battle is won, though at great cost. Aragorn takes his title Elessar and king of Gondor, though in order to not raise false hopes, Imrahil is instated as regent.

Beregond, friend of Pippin and Faramir, in order to save Faramir from the pyre, drew his weapon on his master, and was arrested. Aragorn declares his fate will be determined later, if there is a later. All the lords agree, and march thus, leaving a force to take Cair Andros lest the vanguard be flanked. Though grieved by these things, the host of Men, Elves, a Dwarf and a Hobbit prepare for battle. Pippin is rendered unconscious by a troll he kills, and sees the Eagles approach.

However, as they are attacking, the orcs begin turning on each other, and the Gravewalker emerges. He says he will clear a path through the Gorgoroth plateau, but then he must leave them, for he feels his help will be needed elsewhere soon.



Once through and ascending Mount Doom, Frodo finally, at the uttermost end of strength and despair, takes the Ring for his own, but Gollum attacks, and the Ring is destroyed with him. At the Black Gate, Sauron appears, but the orcs begin turning on each other with the arrival of Talion on caragath-back. Gandalf with the Eagles rescue Frodo and Sam, and they are honored in Cormallen.

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Aragorn replants the sapling of Nimloth, and marries Arwen. Galadriel and Celeborn come as well, and the many gathered depart on their own ways. The Hobbits find the Shire in ruination, run by Sharkey and his thugs. Merry and Pippin lead their families and holds to great achievements, Sam gets married to Rosie Cotton, and Frodo rests from his adventure. Sam returns to his family, and the Fourth Age truly begins. In the epilogue, the two Blue Wizards, now lords Alatar and Pallando, discuss visions they have had of a new world, and their new charge to defend and advance the people of Middle-earth.

Deep in the forges of Erebor, four dragon eggs begin to stir, the Spawn of Smaug. The evil Easterners are driven off or killed. Haldir brings some Elves to clear out the infestation, destroying the White Hand presence, but Mazog and Gorothul, a servant of Sauron from Dol Guldur, escape. A force of nameless creatures is eliminated that Gorothul had planned to summon to destroy Moria.

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Mazog and Balin duel before the gates of the fortress, and both die. Galadriel casts the fortress down, with Gorothul inside. Peace is restored in the North. In the Fourth Age, the Elves slowly dwindle in numbers as they depart Middle-earth. A peace between the Men and Dwarves is made, and there is a great alliance between all kingdoms.

Arnor is brought back up, and the lands once belonging to Angmar are annexed as well, but too, are granted some autonomy through a council of warbands who fought against the Iron Crown. In a show of good will, the Dwarves are granted their mines of Barazbizar in the Mountains of Angmar. The Shire is cordoned off from the reach of Men. This is known as the Battle of Beasts. Minas Ithil is made anew with the help of the Dwarves, and the seat of power for the Steward, until the day comes when Aragorn has more than one child ready for the responsibilities as a monarch. The initial campaigns, with the help of Dwarven siege craft, are victorious, but bloody.

Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen
Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen
Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen
Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen
Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen
Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen
Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen Gravewalkers: Soup Kitchen

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