For the Ornery and the Innocent

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Listening to these stories is a balm to the spirit. Horace Rumpole is old and tired. But he would never not show up for work. He finds nothing more bracing than to snatch a bit of justice from a creaky court system and the utterly flawed human beings who make up that system.

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The prospect leaves him cold. The last thing he would enjoy would be, for example, toiling away in the Home Office. Defending people accused of common crimes is more his style. Many of these are caused by his fellow man.

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He exercises his wit on the politically correct and the killjoys—like the non-smokers—who seem to go out of their way to make trouble for a normal person. When he wants a smoke, he has to stand outside his chambers in Equity Court.

In court, the barrister enjoys antagonizing the judges—most of whom are officious blockheads strongly biased against the accused—but there are times when he is not the happy warrior. The cold winds of disapproval howl at you from all sides and every time you stand up you feel as if you are clearly identified as a septic sore on the body of the nation, closely related to the alleged sex offender in the dock.

The young man he gets off the hook for the assault had been falsely accused. Or, better said, his creator John Mortimer seems to be. Mortimer has given Rumpole an instinctive dislike of Tories, finding them self-righteous and hypocritical. Americans are depicted in the stories as vapid. Rumpole is ostentatiously pro-immigrant, and pretty anti-capitalist around the edges. They are the quintessential unreasonable humans who, instead of adapting to the world, expect the world to adapt to them.

They are, in short, a mortal pain in the ass. Although not your average modern Tollkeeper, Klaus comes from a long line of them, extending back well over a millennia. He's ornery but thoughtful, mighty but vulnerable, jaded but innocent. He's a man divided against himself, which makes him like so many other men in the world, yet he's also utterly unique.

Hildy is yin to Klaus's yang, the sky to his earth. She has also suffered much, a fact that make her feel fragile at times. In truth, she's tough as tempered steel. Urdy may be ancient, but there's nothing feeble about her. She does not gladly suffer fools and isn't afraid to inflict pain when necessary. She's the linchpin of her strange family, and she'll do whatever it takes to keep it safe.

It's easy to underestimate Lucky. Klaus may initially peg him as a pissant, but Lucky had depths and motivations that no one truly understands except, perhaps, his cousin Jormund.

Classic: Innocent or a Diabolical Plot?

Lucky holds surprises for everybody, including his calculating mother. A lyrically written social satire dealing with the issues of identity, nihilism, environmentalism, sacrifice and fate.

An urban as well as rural fantasy set in Florida, which is a land always at war with itself: wild yet corrupted, lovely yet degraded--a fallen and often absurd paradise. A historical fiction set in Norway and Iceland a thousand years ago, when the Norse not only battled the world but themselves. Do you realize how many murderers and rapists the U. Should we commence bombing runs on this entire troubled country?

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How hard is that? No welfare, no fascistic Border Patrol—a subset of the government that now gets to search people at will anywhere within miles of the U.

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Maybe you chuckled with satisfaction over that doctor getting kicked out of the U. The longer we keep up the anti-immigration push, the more common that sort of incident is going to become. And if you say you just want to avoid things like the crime upsurge in Sweden, I again say: focus more narrowly. How about eliminating the countless duties police now have in favor of the handful that matter?

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Instead of rounding up thousands of garment workers, catch that one arsonist. Instead of harassing a million agriculture workers, why not try catching two more murderers? You might find even the ornery populists were pretty happy with that tradeoff. Furthermore, why deport people when real crimes are committed? Violent and thieving offenders belong in jail, not repeatedly traipsing back and forth across the border, but to the old-fashioned and tribal conservative mind, exile seems like the ultimate punishment. Sticking up for the freedom to travel and inadvertently cutting off government spending for a few days to boot? These days people would rather punish a wide swath of their perceived enemies than think carefully about nuanced, low-key solutions. And, obviously, century after century, stupid people condemn entire ethnic groups instead of focusing on the bad agents therein.

And maybe a few leftists who sweepingly claim that all cultural appropriation is bad—failing somehow to remember that virtually all of art is borrowed or influenced—will get buried by those half billion dollars and stay silent for good.

For the Ornery and the Innocent For the Ornery and the Innocent
For the Ornery and the Innocent For the Ornery and the Innocent
For the Ornery and the Innocent For the Ornery and the Innocent
For the Ornery and the Innocent For the Ornery and the Innocent
For the Ornery and the Innocent For the Ornery and the Innocent
For the Ornery and the Innocent For the Ornery and the Innocent

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