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You can either arrange to have the funeral overseas or for the body to be returned to the UK. This is known as repatriation. If you want the funeral to be held in the UK you will need to use international undertakers who can advise you about the arrangements. Before you can bring the body home, you'll need the following documents:.

The British consulate or an international undertaker will be able to tell you how to get these documents.

When a body is returned to the UK, the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the district where the funeral is to take place must be told and will need to issue a certificate before burial can take place. If a cremation is to take place the Home Office also needs to give permission. You can get an application for a Home Office cremation order from your local crematorium. Repatriation can be expensive so make sure you discuss the costs before confirming your arrangements. You'll need to be sure you can meet the costs or that they're covered by an insurance policy.

The FCO will not pay burial, cremation or repatriation expenses. If you are claiming certain benefits and the funeral is taking place in another European country or Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway you may be able to apply for a funeral payment from the Social Fund. You should contact the insurance company as soon as you can.

If there is evidence that the death happened in suspicious circumstances, the British embassy will be able to give you advice about how to raise your concerns with the local authorities. They will also be able to advise you on how to get legal advice. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer. Top links Housing benefit. Work Rights at work Leaving a job Problems at work Discrimination at work Check your rights at work if you're under 18 Health and safety at work. Top links Template letter to raise a grievance at work.

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  • Friends, family stunned by Kiwi Pip Greig's death while on Mexican holiday - NZ Herald.

Friend Steve Wilde, who is on holiday in the United States, said he was devastated and remembered her ''fabulous smile''. He had known her for 25 years, and said she was house-sitting in the Mexican coastal resort of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast when she died. Her parents, Rob and Roz, owned Pinewood Village, one of Queenstown's longest-established accommodation businesses, while her sister, Mitchey, is a freestyle skier who has competed at the Winter Olympics. Wilde said he understood her mother and father had arrived in Mexico to arrange repatriation of her body, and her brother, Andrew, was on his way.

He said he was heartbroken for the family and paid tribute to his friend's sense of fun and adventure, along with her affinity for peoples' vulnerabilities. A Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokeswoman said it was aware of a case in Mexico involving the death of a New Zealander and was providing consular assistance to the family, but would not comment further, citing privacy. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium. Sign In Register. On the go and no time to finish that story right now?

Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device. Falling apart, was easy.

I refuse to participate. No more. Xmas carols, are like torture. One event or the other, things were too much for both. Last two people I could trust, gone. I looked in, you know?

10 Dream Vacations That Ended In Disaster

Year 3. Which I Excell at. It sounds crazy, I may be, but I see her, in the trees so convincingly, the first time I wept, and stood there shaking. TMI, sorry. Nothing wrong with not going overboard, over stressing and making it harder on yourself.

Boy who died falling from balcony during holiday in Spain named | World news | The Guardian

Thas easy for me to say, no relatives in the south. Only friend I thought I had, on back of a harley with some jerk…so, I hope it gets… less painful. For both of us. I lost my son last May three weeks after a cancer diagnosis. You and I will never be the same. My Father went to heaven on April 03, with failing health issues. My Mother is home with me on Hospice care.

My Brother and I had been blessed to have our original parents for our life time and were privileged to celebrate their 60th Anniversary with them in December of I knew the Month of December would be difficult for my Brother and I as our Father really was a big kid at heart and growing up, he never had a big Christmas with presents to open, so I always made sure there were lots of little gifts for him to open. This year will be so different.

Our Christmas week always began on my Fathers Birthday, December 20th, followed by my parents Anniversary celebration, on the 21st and then our family Christmas Party and then Christmas Day.

Holiday in Death

The unwrapping of gift, the smell of my Dads very own Turkey to carve, visitors popping in etc.. It was a tragic accident and know one expected the loss of my only sibling. My brother left behind six grown children. Their Holiday will never be the same either.

Acknowledge emotions

AND, now, here at my house, for the first time, our celebration will be just myself and my mother. I think I will bake a birthday cake for Jesus this year to start a new tradition. I lost my husband of 32 years September 13, two days before my birthday. He died from stage 4 cancer. I had my boys put up the tree, but here it is Dec 11th and still no decorations a bear tree sits against the wall, I wonder why I even got it out. Still I plan to have guests, so I must decorate the tree. Sounds like an easy task, but you see we have no ornaments to place, our tradition has been to make ornaments to put on the tree and on Christmas my family would take the ornaments and give as gifts to guests.

My husband would buy a box or two of a nice book to wrap we would top with an ornament.

Husband's desperate search for wife's missing body parts after mystery holiday death

Christmas Day he and the boys would pass the wrapped packages to people on the street in need of a little Christmas. This year I will surely be changing the tradition since I am still pulling myself out of the dumps, not even sure I want guests. With Gods strength, I will get through it and have a new joy in my heart for not giving up on Christmas… Thanks for your Ideas and all the comments.

  • 'A credit to his family' - Tributes paid to Irish teen who died on holiday in Lanzarote?
  • 'A credit to his family' - Tributes paid to Irish teen who died on holiday in Lanzarote.
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My son died by suicide on the 1st of May Its been 6 months but I still wait for him to walk through the door. He was 27 years old when we lost him. Just the thought of his dad and I finding him hanging from the ceiling bulk with his dogs belt leaves us broken and struggling to cope. This will be our first Christmas without him. This young man lost both his babies 4 years ago, one at three months pregnant and the other at two months and three weeks after losing his battle to a rare cancer.

This broke my son he was never the same after that. Before all this he was well on his way to having all his dreams come true until the tragic day he lost his son and now I lost my son. The only thing that keeps ringing through my head is that my son use to tell me how he was empty and alone and he felt tired and all he wanted was to be with his son.

Death on Holiday Death on Holiday
Death on Holiday Death on Holiday
Death on Holiday Death on Holiday
Death on Holiday Death on Holiday
Death on Holiday Death on Holiday

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