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They are the ones actively fixing your customers problems, interacting with them on a daily basis. Your technicians are the face of your company — and you want the face of your company to instil credibility in your services and deliver positive experiences that will keep customers coming back season after season. Technicians may be the face of your business to current customers — but CSRs are the front line for new customers. Adding technical pest training for your sales and service team members can help them answer questions, recommend the right solution, and build credibility with your customers.

Are you still handing new hires a binder? Working with a learning management system LMS to digitize training can be simpler to manage, execute, and update. Forgely allows you to create a curriculum for each position on your team. Then it rolls it out automatically for new hires to make onboarding a breeze. You can also build exams to prepare your team for certification exams, test comprehension of safety protocols and important processes, and keep skills sharp on best practices. Not only is a digital training program more convenient for technicians who are spending time in the field.

It can also be useful for collecting data about the overall success of your training. In addition to measuring training completion, pay attention to the impact your training is having on your ability to meet business goals. If the number of callbacks is increasing, it may be time to revisit what training principles could help your team be more effective.

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Then if production is slow, are there additional trainings that could help technicians be more efficient? Also, not to mention the satisfaction and engagement of your team.

After all, a well-trained team of engaged employees is one of the best competitive advantages to have on your side. Skip to content. Evaluate your Training 1. Outline Your Key Objectives Neglecting to train your team is one of the most expensive missteps you can make — but training just for the sake of training is also costly in both time and money. As you build a training program, consider: What performance gaps exist for current employees?

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How will employee performance improve after this program? And, he's an idea machine! Seriously, just sit down to coffee with him, and by the time you're done, you'll have a handful of new ideas you never thought to try before.

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Excellent work by Patrick. Have him in Maryland about a year ago and it was very good at what he does. Would defenetly recomed him to others. Patrick WOW!!! I've been in the plumbing trade for 12 years and I have spent the last decade attempting to master the art of options, permanent solutions and delivering world-class customer service.

I thought I knew something until Patrick gave us a visit.

Customer Service Skills For Technicians

Your ability to articulate strategies and philosophies are second to none. Across-the-board we are up in ticket average and close rates.

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I have know Patrick for quite a few years now and worked with him on many different levels! In that time I've experienced his attention to detail and dedication too tasks at hand! Success is only the first step with Patrick, I assure you!

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Patrick is an honest and genuine person. I would be happy to have him work alongside me and help me strategize ways to help my business continue growing. Patrick is just a really swell guy :. I think we might even be best friends, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to take that next step in our relationship. To have Patrick watch my presentations and then give me an honest and sincere overall was very beneficial to me. He knows exactly what he's talking about and he actually paid attention to what I was trying to accomplish in my presention.

He then took my weaker areas, showed me how I could make them stronger, and helped me build a stronger presentation that I feel more confident with and has had more positive results. Hard working dedicated professional! One of the best guys I know. Fantastic company, very straight forward.


A endless wealth of knowledge. Highly recommend. I have partnered with Patrick on a few projects and have always had a professional and successful experience. He does his homework and truly believes in a one on one, value added approach with his clients.

I have known Patrick for many years and can say he is a super person. He has always been very helpful in many many ways and a natural born salesman. He has always been a very honest person and one you could always count on. He is very committed to helping anyone who is a customer or a friend of his. He knows how to relate to just about every person he meets which makes him a natural salesman and sales assistant.

I have worked in the construction industry for over 25 years , and Patrick has helped me on many projects and he knows what he is doing and has a broad range of Knowledge to draw from to help anyone.

Customer Service Training for Technicians Customer Service Training for Technicians
Customer Service Training for Technicians Customer Service Training for Technicians
Customer Service Training for Technicians Customer Service Training for Technicians
Customer Service Training for Technicians Customer Service Training for Technicians
Customer Service Training for Technicians Customer Service Training for Technicians
Customer Service Training for Technicians Customer Service Training for Technicians
Customer Service Training for Technicians Customer Service Training for Technicians
Customer Service Training for Technicians Customer Service Training for Technicians

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