Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures

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Bone deformity doesn’t stop this adventure cat

Mischievous, and takes pleasure in misdirecting Alice.

He is capable of invisibility, and frequently enters and exits the scene with all parts faded away except for his grin or eyes. Chi Chi's Sweet Home An adorable gray and white kitten with black stripes wanders away from her family and is found by a young boy, Youhei, and his mother. They take the kitten home and Chi then has a splendid time living with her new family, learning about different things and meeting new people and animals.

His name comes from his chocolate -colored nose. These cats were mostly similar in appearance and temperament, with black fur and anxious personalities. When fighting bad guys, Courageous Cat would use all-purpose Cat Gun or a vast variety of different deus ex machina "trick guns" he pulls out of his cape. Custard Roobarb A chubby pink cat who likes to play pranks on his next-door-neighbour, the dog Roobarb. Darwin April and the Extraordinary World The cynical companion to April who consumes a formula granting him invincibility and eternal life. She falls in love with Thomas and is forced to choose her life at home or a life with Thomas.

Ginger the Stray Kitten

She wears a lace-trimmed pink waistcoat, a pink bow, and a silver heart-shaped necklace. Dodsworth Looney Tunes An obese, lethargic black-and-white cat with a large red nose voiced by Edward Selzer and based on W. Fields who tries to get a small white kitten to do his mousing for him. Doraemon Doraemon A blue, robot cat from the future to help his owner's great-great grandfather, Nobi Nobita who often have problems. Eek Eek! The Cat A purple cat whose motto is "it never hurts to help", though his situations dictate otherwise.

He is frequently assisted, but more often annoyed, by his aide Henchrat.

Bestselling Series

Fantomcat Fantomcat The Duke of Fantom. A masked swashbuckling hero who joins the Detective Team after his release and is nicknamed Fantomcat. Felix Felix the Cat A cute, funny black and white cat created in the silent film era. In later decades he has a "Magic Bag of Tricks". Figaro has also starred independently in a number of Disney shorts, as the pet of Minnie Mouse , which was a common theme for Disney characters to be juxtaposed from movies to cartoon shorts. Fluffy Rugrats Angelica's pet cat. Fraidy Fraidy Cat A scrawny yellow cat who is prone misfortune as he is living his last life and always accidentally summons one of his former lives or a storm cloud in the case of nine when he says a number between one till nine or anything that sounds remotely like those numbers.

Francis Felidae Feline protagonist of the film Felidae. He is a college-aged anthropomorphic cat, presumably living in the s. Furrball Tiny Toon Adventures A greyish-blue ragged looking cat, with a bandage around his tail. Has many similarities to Sylvester and Penelope Pussycat and is prone to getting in unfortunate encounters. Garfield Garfield A fat, lazy orange tabby, who wants nothing more out of life than to eat and sleep. He has a penchant for consuming lasagna, enjoys tormenting Odie, and likes trying to mail Nermal to Abu Dhabi.

Deep down, Garfield loves Jon and Odie. While Garfield's mouth doesn't move, his thoughts are audible. Garnet Jewelpet A pink Persian Cat who symbolizes love, and usually has a mature, feminine personality.

Cats’ Night Out | Barnhouse

She wears a red ribbon on her head and a pink jewel necklace. One of the three main characters of the series. Gnocchi Curious George Chef Pisghetti's cat. Happy Fairy Tail , Edens Zero A small blue cat with a white underbelly and a down-to-earth, loyal, usually mischievous personality. In the Fairy Tail series, Happy is a magical creature with the ability to grow wings and fly with his magic, and wears a green sack where he keeps food and items.

In Edens Zero , he is actually an alien cat who was resurrected as a cyborg after getting run over by a drunk driver, and can morph his body into a pair of rayguns used by his best friend, Rebecca.

Tiny Kitten Becomes An Adventure Cat Like His Brother - The Dodo

Heathcliff Heathcliff He is an orange tabby cat who also appeared in another TV Series four years later. Henry's Cat Henry's Cat A laid-back ponderous yellow cat who likes eating, but whose actual name isn't known. He designed the various gadgets and advanced weaponry used in the Turbokat, and he serves as the radar interceptor and weapons control officer, or RIO, in the Turbokat. Jinks Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks A ginger house cat with a blue collar on his neck. He frequently bullies the two mice Pixie and Dixie, but occasionally is a good friend to them and serves as their saviour in various episodes.

His common catchphrase is "I hate meeces to pieces". Josehpine Nyan Koi! Julius Alice Comedies A tuxedo cat who serves as a sidekick to Alice. He was the first recurring cartoon character created by Walt Disney. She is O the Owl's next-door neighbor. Kat Kid vs. Kat A space alien that looks like a Sphinx cat.

Katnip Herman and Katnip Herman's enemy. Katz Courage the Cowardly Dog He is a red thin cat with yellow eyes. He is an antagonist as owner of sinister shops all having his name in him.

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He is quite good at sports and luring unsuspecting people to the traps he sets up, just for his own amusement. Kirara InuYasha Sango's faithful demon-cat companion who usually appears to be a small kitten-sized feline with two tails, but can become large enough to carry several passengers whenever the need arises. The Kitten Simon's Cat The Cat's flatmate who appears to be more intelligent than his older feline friend despite its young age.

Puppy A female cat who is one of T. She is also Dudley's partner and best friend. Skilled in various fighting styles and use of firearms, short tempered, and easily startled, Kitty is a force to be reckoned with. Leopold always wears a bow tie even when swimming. He is always confronted by two mischievous mice, Grey and White Mitya and Motya. Kuro Cyborg Kuro-chan A Black and white robotic cat tuxedo. Kwazii Octonauts A humanized orange cat with a mysterious pirate past.

He has a habit for getting into trouble on his many adventures.

He transforms into an orange cat whenever he is hugged by a person of the opposite gender or when his body comes under a great deal of stress. This animal is not in the Chinese zodiac , but legend says would have been if it had not been tricked by the Rat into missing the induction feast. Mehitabel Shinbone Alley A singing alley cat who dreams of being a star and befriends Archy.

Mittens Bolt A black cat with white fore-paws, muzzle, belly, and tail-tip. She has three scarred cuts into her left ear. She is the, at first, unwitting companion of the CG animated film's main character, Bolt, and his hyperactive and somewhat insane "sidekick", Rhino. Mochi Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada's cat.

Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures
Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures
Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures
Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures
Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures
Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures
Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures
Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures Barn Cats - 9 - Adventures

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