American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11

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Alaska: Haines Highway

Spend a night stargazing in the small town of Valentine -- head to the Prairie Club if you want a serious steak dinner -- and from there make a quick detour West to sip apple wine at the Niobrara Valley Vineyards. If you can, do this route in the summertime. Millions of years ago, shifting sand dunes formed a stunning region of sandstone in the southern tip of Nevada.

The drive offers an array of warm colors in stripes, from the prevailing rustic red to orange and cream-colored slickrock. Keep an eye out for bighorn sheep.

Meet the Governor

Before you leave the area, make sure to visit Moapa Paiute Travel Plaza for drinks, slots, breakfast burritos, and an astonishing inventory of commercial fireworks legal while still on tribal land; less so once back on stolen land. State Route has, of course, the scenic overlooks. It has the towering trees and sparkling lakes and historical colonial heritage. All of that. And then it also has those special elements -- waterfalls feeding into sandy-bottomed pools waiting for you to swim in; wooden covered bridges that lead you over the river and into a waiting picnic spot, which is also a fishing spot if you want it to be.

american auto trail tennessees u s highway 11 Manual

SR 49 has a sprinkle of all the very best stuff the Garden State has to offer. Like the Maurice River Bluffs Preserve , a freshwater haven for migrating songbirds. This is certainly one of the most storied roads on this list. This road trip, though, is one worth taking for the food alone. In Albuquerque, and you have to just trust us here, head to Duran Central Pharmacy and ask for the chili. Take Route 97 out of Port Jervis, and your next 90 minutes will be filled with an impossibly beautiful series of bends abutted by sheer rock faces on one side, and a steep drop overlooking the Delaware River on the other.

The Trans America Trail (TAT): 1,500 Mile Update

That or the wild turkeys wandering across the road. Give your pounding heart a chance to slow back down with stops at small New York towns like Hancock and Narrowsburg. In Barryville, brake for local jams, cheeses, and honey at River Market. Blue Ridge Parkway is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Part of a nearly mile stretch that cuts through the heart of Appalachia, doing it right will take you more than just one day especially if you wanna hike the Appalachian Mural Trail.

Around Mile Market At Mile Port , pull over to go square dancing in Little Switzerland. Mile Post Between April and October you can camp right there, too. Stop for an archaeological tour at Knife River Indian Village National Historic Site , first inhabited by humans more than 11, years ago. For the outdoorsy folks, Cross Ranch State Park provides a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in undeveloped stretches of the Missouri River, with miles of hiking trails that are accessible year-round -- including by cross-country skis, come wintertime.

Wind down in Washburn with fresh-baked pie at Dakota Family Farms.

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Remember this from Indiana? That scenic drive from Arkansas we mentioned earlier?

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This is the other larger half, and things are just as sweet on the Oklahoma side of the border, where countless random turn-offs lead you to farming villages and little side drives. Yes, Oregon has a few zillion beautiful roads, not the least of which is the Historic Columbia River Highway. No, none of those things are substitutes for the Oregon stretch of the PCH, where the cooler climes and foggy mornings make the coastline feel brand-new again. Kelly Drive gets maybe more attention, but Martin Luther King Drive has better views -- especially of Boathouse Row, the line of 19th-century boathouses spread along the Schuylkill River.

Spend the morning working up an appetite, then head to the North end of the drive for a panini and smoothie at Trolley Car Cafe. Rhode Island being rather tiny itself, this drive, as the name suggests, is not a long one. No matter. Finish with a glass of red in the bright, sparkling dining room of the Castle Hill Inn. We would not put a stretch of road that clocked in at just 0.

Botany Bay Road is the entrance to a plantation-turned-wildlife-management-area. Slow down to a crawl -- safety first -- and watch the trees lacing together overhead, in an eerie, Sleepy Hollow kind of way. Drive back and forth a few times, why not. We thought as much.

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  • Head to the Old Post Office Restaurant for shrimp and grits, oyster skillets, and blueberry chicken. This is the highway that leads to Mount Rushmore, possibly the most skippable national landmark to ever become a tourist attraction. Continue right on past Mount Rushmore and instead take in the lush beauty of the Blacks Hills, which seem to loom in closer and closer as you drive; stop for a breather at Iron Mountain Picnic Area to really take it all in.

    Make for Badlands National Park, one of the most breathtaking national parks in America. In the span of just 11 miles, this stretch of Highway contains curves. Is there a Tail of the Dragon store where you can pick up your Tail of the Dragon memorabilia? Of course there is.

    Loop is perfect for early morning travel along the Capital of Texas Highway; the hilly character of the east side makes for unexpectedly striking sunrise vistas, especially over the iconic Pennybacker Bridge. When you can drive no more, relax with a bottle of housemade wine and pizza at Uno. Over the span of miles, the historic US 89 runs through basically every type of terrain Utah has, which is saying a lot. Make a pit stop in Little Denmark , a cluster of 12 small towns in the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area, for local handicrafts like wooden furniture and stained glass.

    Do you like bridges? Not modern bridges, either. Old ones. The wooden roof-covered ones that creak when you drive over them. There are 20 to cross, so definitely bring a camera. Meander through any number of small towns like Brattleboro or St. Johnsbury for brewery-hopping and antiquing. Or just pull over to one of the nearly 70 overlooks that dot the route.

    There are a couple of outposts where you can pick up food, but try to save your appetite for the blackberry ice cream pie at Big Meadows Lodge. State Route 11 north of Seattle is a tight and twisty trail -- literally. Those inclined toward hiking should head into Larrabee State Park.

    Personally, I recommend taking this particular bridge by foot -- you can take a tour secured by safety cables right underneath, with peregrine falcons diving down around you.

    Hell Roads - Tail of the Dragon

    Full directions are here , but the best part is most of them are close enough to the parking area that you can walk. As with Montana, the Beartooth Highway is the best of the best in Wyoming. But come summertime, and your first glimpse of the vistas from Tibbs Butte , you will forget all that. Kastalia Medrano is Thrillist's Travel Writer. Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He suddenly feels a need to go to both Montana and Pennsylvania. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email.

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    Share on Facebook Pin it. California: Pacific Coast Highway You saw this coming. Louisiana: US Missouri: Highway Its size and diversity provide so many options and the Pacific Coast Highway is just one. This iconic highway along the California coast covers miles of awe-inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean, stretching from San Francisco to San Diego.

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    • The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the best summer road trips in the world! This is a quick road trip but packed full of stunning views as you drive along the Park Loop in Acadia National Park. Forests, mountains, and rocky shores greet you on your drive along with plenty of wildlife. Be sure to spend some time in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine , the town where you can base your Acadia trip from.

      American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11 American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11
      American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11 American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11
      American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11 American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11
      American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11 American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11
      American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11 American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11
      American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11 American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11
      American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11 American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11
      American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11 American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11
      American Auto Trail-Tennessees U.S. Highway 11

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